Family Medicine / Direct Primary Care / Same-Day Appointments


 Our pricing structure offers something for everyone. Best of all it is simple and easy to understand. At Face Value Health you will never be surprised by the bill because we offer price transparency for any service, medication, or lab test we provide.  If you become a member, it gets even better because membership includes many services for no additional charge.

Monthly Membership Rates

  • Adult - Under 30
  • $45
  • Adult
  • $65
  • Couple
  • $120
  • First Child
  • $25
  • Ages 3 and Up
  • Each Additional Child
  • $10

Child pricing up to age 26 for dependent children living at home or attending college.
Read more about the outstanding benefits of membership below or visit our FAQ page
for answers to your commonly asked questions. ​

Note: A membership to Face Value Health DPC does not constitute health insurance,
but it does complement your existing heath insurance by offering better access and
lower prices, especially if you have a high deductible (or no insurance at all).
Read more on on our FAQ page.

  • Enrollment Fee
  • $75
  • Re-Enrollment Fee
  • $130
  • (if member cancels his/her membership after 3 full months but later desires to re-enroll). Re-enrollment is only allowed ONE TIME.




  • Unlimited visits with your doctor
  • Access to your doctor at any time by
  • Guaranteed same-day or next-day visits
  • Some procedures are included or greatly discounted
    • EKG
    • Spirometry
    • Laceration repair
    • Abscess drainage
    • Ear lavage
    • Skin tag removal
    • Ingrown toenail removal
    • Skin excisional biopsy
  • Highly discounted lab at cost and free lab blood draws
  • Access to our stock of wholesale generic medications with no dispensing fee
  • Access to discounted x-ray, CT (cat) scans, MRI, and ultrasounds through our partners
  • Vein imaging instrument for those "tough" sticks!
It's the little things that matter...

We know who you are and you know us:
You are the 'difficult stick.' You routinely
get stuck 4-8 times before blood is found.
We hope our near-infrared light vein view
finder will end the pain & suffering.
Vein View Finder
iOS Patient Access
Set and manage
appointments, contact your
doctor, update billing
information, all at your
Exam Chair
Our brand new electric
exam chair can adjust to
as low as 15.5 inches off
the floor. It also has arm
rests to assist with accurate
blood pressure readings.